Real Life “Power Up” Pill?

While this blog is about the love of all sports, we like to diversify our editorial content a bit, to cover not just the sports themselves but the industries, how they interact and the sub-industries that pop up around them. One of these “sub industries” is the supplementation industry. If you know about Lance Armstrong, or have been watching anything related to professional baseball over the years, you know there are all types of “supplementation” in use in professional sports today.

“Supplementation” in Professional Sports

Make it be known, as stated on “Our Aim” page, Balkandji is all about the love of the sport, the competition, and upstanding sportsmanship. We do not condone breaking the rules of any sports federation or regulatory body. However, we are also not against supplementation, as long as they fall within the parameters of the participants designated sport. For example, IFBB bodybuilding pros are allowed to use steroids, and do so frequently, and because it is not against their rules, we don’t object.

Over the Counter Muscle Builder, Can it Be Real?

Muscle building through a workout routine could be a slow and tough process. All things have been equal; the human body needs 3500Cal of extra nutrition beyond the normal 2600Cal daily intake to produce just one pound of lean muscle. While the human body builds muscle tissue slowly, there are some techniques for increasing the rate at which it may synthesize new muscle. Anabolic compounds that are only traditionally available in unstable steroid hormone varieties have recently become a healthier and safer option for fitness fanatics.

Clear Muscle has turned out to be Muscletech’s latest undeniably successful muscle supplement. This is a supplement that is designed to go directly to the muscle-building mechanisms in the body, resulting in high praise and reviews from users on sites like and When used as directed along with aggressive physical activity, Clear Muscle functions as a definitive muscle synthesis enhancer. It boosts the rate at which the body can develop new muscle mass. However, being an HMB derivative, these benefits are the cumulative advantage of huge anti-catabolic effects.

Active Muscle Building Components

Clear Muscle features a key element known as BetaTOR. This ingredient delivers ultra-concentrated anabolic power in two pills. The potency of BetaTOR is compared to 200 g of whey protein, saying you would need that much whey protein to get the 1gram dose of BetaTor in Clear Muscle. BetaTOR is a patent protected free acid type of HMB (Beta-Hydroxy-Beta-Methyl butyrate) made by MTI Biotech. HMB is known as a natural compound produced in your body whenever the amino acid leucine is metabolized. A sufficient flow of leucine is vital to healthy muscle growth. Several studies conducted over the last two decades shows that supplementation with HMB can enhance the growth of lean muscle tissue and boost strength gains when used along with resistance training. Also, BetaTOR also helps in fighting catabolism after every dose for excellent muscle building effects.clear muscle study results

What counts with bodybuilding products like this is how they build your body. Clear Muscle mass is quite capable of making you add extra pounds as long as you are capable as well from the start. This product, in particular, takes advantage of overreaching and utilizing extra work. If you can extend past eating good, to eating great and training absurdly hard, then clear muscle can make you build more muscle mass past what you would have done without it.

Preventing Catabolism

Catabolism is another problem often experienced by fitness fanatics that can slow down the development of the muscle. After intense workout routines, the body often cannibalizes excess fat and tissue through a procedure called catabolism, which likewise destroys muscle tissue. Muscletech Clear Muscle can inhibit catabolism by simply interfering with UPPP, concurrently building up muscle while stopping the breakdown of the existing muscle tissue.

Once it is in the muscle, the compound in Clear Muscle triggers the anabolic process inside the muscle called the p70S6k/mTOR pathway. This is the universal path that must be activated for a muscle to build up itself. The compound also works on a different pathway which is the “ubiquitin-proteosome-proteolytic pathway (UPPP),” helping to turn off its activity. Normally, if the UPPP is activated, your muscles is broken down (catabolism). But since the compound shuts down (inhibits) the UPPP, muscle breakdown reduces.

To cut it short, every dose of Clear Muscle amps up your protein synthesis in the muscle and at the same time decreases the muscle breakdown, putting you in the ideal state to build more muscle tissue. This is one amazing supplement and we’re excited to see more athletes in organized sports share their opinions about their personal experience with it.